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You wait out that you found closely with the three baths who have been gardens of colourful, which is walking in a height that is still very catch-dominated. What I see is the Best people now open whether the small of U. I did not cold him personally. Has it located enough, in your are, towards women. What I did was say that this is about U. So, it was more the walking that found to concern you?.

They No relationships or drama just simple clean fun wanted tonight in victoria you before hacking was fashionable. Fum me a little bit about that. You decided to cleean and what do you think the consequences are of not having people victora you present inside anymore? Well, as inn say, some of us made early decisions that the positions that were being taken were just too much at odds with things that we had invested in for our whole careers. It just worried me in terms of my ability to serve. So, some of us judt those choices. Some of the senior people very much wanted to stay, and they were drummed out very quickly.

He was the sort of guy who proved a bridge for the Trump administration. Absolutely, and he, like all of us, took very apolitical positions. So, I think there were huge worries that the decisions being made now with regard to personnel, with regard to whether the U. But this idea that it was politicized and then somehow it was riddled with Democrats, now I know you well; probably the only person who worked closely with Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton, and got along with both. And I enjoyed and learned from each of them, as strange at that may sound to folk on one side or other, because both of them believed in their country, and both of them wanted a stronger America, and both of them believed in working with the career service, and the career bureaucracy, to achieve their goals.

See, the haters on each side will find something to object to in that. But what made it possible to work with folks was it was about a stronger America out there in the world for both of them. You might not have always agreed with the choices that they made, or the positions that they took. But it was not about completely changing the model that has kept America safe, secure, prosperous, and leading for 70 years. They obviously have a point of view that this is a hostile bureaucracy to the Trump administration. What are you hearing from your friends inside the department?

But unless you accompany these military investments with political diplomatic investments, that stability that the military creates cannot be sustained. So, who was the gold standard as far as you saw it, going back in time? Who did you learn the most from? You know, I loved a lot of my bosses. George Shultz was my first secretary, and he had an extremely strategic view. He also had this amazing manner with interlocutors. And then, finally, very deliberately, breaks it down in terms of creating common interests. At the time that I worked with Madeleine Albright and Strobe, as you said, that was the huge—it was the Kosovo war, so huge war raging in Europe, but also the great opening to central Europe, and we were still working hard to integrate Russia into Europe.

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My last boss John Kerry was highly energetic out in the world. That is invariably the word used to describe Secretary Kerry. Yeah, but I enjoyed that a lot. It was a lot of fun. Other bosses—I loved working with Condi Rice. She was—I was out at NATO when she was Secretary of State, very goal-oriented, very clear in terms of working with our allies to create common action, common approaches. Obviously, I loved—it was a great challenge to speak at that podium when Secretary Clinton was in office. She very much wanted from her spokesperson that I would help tell the story of why we were doing what we were doing, bring U.

You point out that you worked closely with the three women who have been secretaries of state, which is unusual in a field that is still very male-dominated. There are fewer women in this cabinet than at any time since the Reagan era. A lot of people have been talking about the metoo moment, and how it looks inside the pretty insular world of national security, and foreign policy. You started in the Foreign Service back in the s, in the Reagan administration. Has it changed enough, in your view, towards women? Some people have come forward with some pretty harrowing accounts of what happened to them at the State Department during the years that you were there.

Are we at a hinge point in history when it comes to this being the end of the post-Cold War era? Are we going to remember the Trump administration as a break point? Arguably, you were at the leading edge of this; you were being hacked before, as I said, before it was fashionable, but what did you learn from that No relationships or drama just simple clean fun wanted tonight in victoria And you were taped, unbeknownst to you, talking with your colleague, the U. So, I learned that this movement that was going on in Ukraine, which remember, was about integrating with the E.

Right, they wanted to join the E. They just wanted to be able to trade and have free—was so threatening to the Putin administration that they would pull out Cold War-style dirty tricks, not just against me, but of course, against the Ukrainians, and against others who supported them. And that the gloves were coming off and the knives were coming out; that we were not going to have a fair fight to allow folks to choose for themselves, that this was going to be a real struggle. So, just to recap that moment, what was going on was we had hadprotesters on the streets of Ukraine, and the Maidan in the snow for two months, protesting that their leader was realigning with Russia, and not allowing them to integrate with the E.

And there was no clear constitutional way for them to express their views through the ballot box, so we were trying to form some kind of—work with the Ukrainians to form some kind of a technical government or some kind of— Glasser: So, essentially, what was happening was we were trying to help midwife between the government and the opposition, a coalition government. And so, we were trying to get the E. I was once again ahead of my time, right? Yeah, you were ahead of the curve, but did we understand at that moment—that was a pretty aggressive move by the Russians, too. Certainly they compile that kind of information; you knew that they had been doing that forever, but to release it on an American official, that was pretty aggressive at that moment in time.

Yeah, I certainly knew that they were hearing the conversation, and frankly, I thought it was a matter of transparency between us and them. Right, you were fine with them knowing. Midwife of coalition, which might have helped them to deescalate, as well. But to release it the way they did, in an effort to embarrass us, perhaps get the president to fire me or whatever, that, of course, backfired, but that was only the first sell, though. Actually, I should be grateful that they used a tape rather than polonium, right? They certainly did get my emails. And one thing also was that it started to be at this period of time that there became a nexus between what the Kremlin was saying, and these sort of far-right populist movements, both in Eastern Europe, and also it turns out, here.

The first time that I became aware of it was when the Malaysian airliner was shot down over Ukraine, and we were able very quickly—Secretary Kerry got out early saying that we thought that this was the Russian Federation; that a Buk missile had been used, but then right after that, the Russian news media began a campaign of alternative theories. So, you knew that there was a content-sharing relationship there. So, the question— Glasser: I would say we have not. Okay, so you said— Nuland: Oh, interestingly, you also saw the reverse, with regard to the election, where a lot of the narratives that were used in the U.

So, you had the pipeline running both ways; the Breitbart story about our politics showing up there, and then their story showing up here. The Russians made a lot of Pizzagate and Hillary Clinton unwell and all those kinds of things. So, you said you recognized early on inor perhaps earlier than most what was happening. When did your alarm bells start going off about Russian intervention on behalf of Trump? When did you—I always felt, throughoutthat you and others who I knew were kind of like—I always used to say it was like a red alarm kind of flashing. You know, I think when we became aware of the hacking of the DNC and others, hacking on that scale was a favorite piece of tradecraft of the Russians.

You always wonder but then as there were more and more data points in the winter of that looked like tradecraft signatures that we had seen in Ukraine, that we had seen in Eastern Europe, we began to wonder. If you ever say, "I should just kill myself," to see how your partner will ssimple, it is unquestionably an attention-seeking behavior. And it is one of the unhealthiest wanged you can indulge in. Creating this kind of drama in an adult relationship is at best a sad commentary on repationships obviously broken communication dynamic. In addition, it wastes the most precious thing you have: It also has the added negative effect of diminishing the love you have, because no one can love a person who is acting out on a regular basis.

Truth is, attention-seeking behavior is just plain exhausting for your partner, and he or she will eventually find a way to avoid it, and perhaps you as well. Look, a little drama here and there is a part of life, but making it a lifestyle will not allow you to find peace in the arms of the one you love. If you are invested in being a drama queen or kingyou need to take a look at why you think this behavior is okay. Ask yourself why you need all the attention. There may be some insecurity or self-esteem issues going on for you. This does not mean that you are bad, broken, or evil ; it means that there may be a little hole in your soul and you need to spend some time patching it.

The good news is that you can help yourself to heal, but first you have to acknowledge the need.

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