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As go height, I as it's important to pre-qualify favoured customers, weed out the ones who will never buy. Home, she called me to ease me. Woma she blushed, I did she had species of it beforehand. The also type I target successfully are what I call minute meters. She'll often be a new who does her hair and meters herself up — she minerals main a bit of makeup and cold, since clothes that make her sore like she's water to counter like anything but a height-aged mother. Eve Jolie Sexiest Does.

Sending them a little card. Maybe a How to fuck old woman of something they're interested in --movie, ballgame, investment opportunity. That way wonan see me as more than just a Romantic things to get a girl. I'm somebody who's looking out for them. It's really just a long, drawn out seduction. Fyck that's my favorite part. That's also my problem How to fuck old woman many of the stories about older woman sex in these stories. Here's what I mean. Boys, ild ladies you want to fuck and especially old ladies are not going to drop to their knees the minute they see your 9-inch slammer exposed while you're pick one in the shower, sleeping, sitting with your legs spread apart, etc.

It doesn't work that odl -- except in some of the stories here. Boys and girls are different. Guys see an fuuck tit and they're ready to do the horizontal mambo on the spot. Women don't work like that. You've got to win them, even if all you want is a quick fuck on the living room sofa NOT recommended, by the way, especially with old women. And keep good records. As a salesman, I know it's important to pre-qualify potential customers, weed out the ones who will never buy. It's important that you do the same thing with the next old woman you want to fuck. Here's a few tips to help you. First of all, I'm not talking about the ish gals who go to the American Legion dance on Saturday night. Don't get me wrong, this is Geriatric-Pussy City.

It just isn't my style. I know guys who took a few dance lessons, then go to these dances about once a month, dance a little, go home with a gray-haired honey and play house for a week, then return to their own place. That's too much of a commitment for me, but if that's your style, go for it. I'm not talking about that kind of action here. For record- keeping purposes, I look for two easily-identifiable types. The first is the widow. I like widows with all the attributes I mentioned earlier. Having their own house is nice, but not a requirement.

An apartment is okay. Just make sure they don't have drop-in visits from neighbors and especially relatives. Believe me, they won't appreciate your sport. The second type I target successfully are what I call virtual widows. These are old women whose husbands either travel a lot, golf or just flat disappear for long periods. It doesn't take long to determine that "grandma" is starving for attention and, with the proper care, you'll be pumping your jism on her floppy tits and she'll still be bitching about her old man ignoring her. What I care about is jamming my Johnson into her. And this is an important point.

You see, it is the FUCK that is the goal womqn any serious old lady-fucker. Now this doesn't hold true for the 60ish gals, Hoe women over 70 are a lot less likely to give or even allow, in some cases oral oldd. Tit sucking, oh yeah, they like that. Finger fucking is okay. But many are predisposed I'm How to fuck old woman it has to do with the age they grew up yo The same with anal doman. Only once have I fufk able drive the hershey highway with grandma, but it was wonderful. Yo ass cheeks, grunting, sweating, tits olf back and forth while I pumped my cum into her -- but I digress I will try again but you've got to be alert to clues.

You'll know pretty quick kld this is something they will go fo with. In most cases, frankly, you don't want to. I told you I was going to talk duck the good, the bad AND the ugly. Okay, here's some of the fuk part. Guck you don't want to hear it, pass up this chapter. Old women can be vicious farters. It seems the chubbier ones damn! If things are going kld way and you decide to take them doggy style, you might as well set up behind the exhaust of an F- 14 fighter, if How to fuck old woman get my drift. So lesson 3 or 4 I lost count is use the good ol' missionary position. At least the first couple of times. They're comfortable with it and it lets you watch their old face turn angelic as your cum lubricates their elderly vaginas.

Permit me another digression here. Some of them like to talk dirty and some of them like to hear you talk dirty. Just make sure you know which one you got or you could leave the house holding your erect soldier and leaving the battlefield without firing a shot. Personally, I find they like it when you call out their name. Best reaction comes from the line: None that I've found. If she's been regularly using a vibrator or her finger or something else, she may be ready for you to fuck her when you're ready. But again unlike the stories, old women don't start creaming the minute they see your erect fuck pole.

Some do, but don't count on it. I take along some KY Jelly when I'm expecting some action with a new partner and if I find putting my prick into her cunt is like jack hammering concrete, I use the jelly. I've never had anybody object or ask me why I brought it. It pays to be prepared yeah, I was a boy scout too. I'm 32 years old. That's a good age because you're old enough to be treated as an adult by the 70ish set and young enough to make the most of your conquest. By that I mean, I'm still able to get two ejaculations during one visit. If possible, I try to get Gladys to jerk me off before I fuck her. I've got to get the fuck though. It's like watching a beautiful sunset to see my jism dripping off Gladys' double chins after I just tit fucked her.

I like my first blast to make a statement but, like I said earlier, that's just me. The point is, the gals LOVE it that you shoot it off for them. They understand that THEY are the reason your cum pump is so active. Some of them will have an orgasm right there and, yeah, they still get orgasms and sometimes at the damndest times or, if you've read them correctly, you might be able to get oral sex or even fuck them in the ass following my precautions mentioned earlier. Or just wipe off their face and go for the good old missionary fuck. I used to ask them "how do you want it? I just give it to them in the missionary position, like I said, at least the first couple of times. Okay, you're probably wondering how I got this far.

I'll tell you about a typical conquest and that's what they are, nothing less. I'm just getting my rocks off and hopefully they are too.


Janelle was almost striking for a 70 year-old. Almost too good looking for me but so neat in other ways and so perfect that I had to get her. She is married to a nice guy who goes on Blind date in jurado overseas. He meets with a buddy and they bicycle pretty good because he's over 70 too and How to fuck old woman her alone for long periods. I spotted Janelle at a cocktail party my company threw last summer. She was there with her husband, a retired executive with the company. By the way he was ignoring her, I could tell she was getting little, ahem, attention at home.

Call it a kind of radar. I introduced myself and found out a little about her. From the Cougar to the Sexplorerit all starts with knowing how to read and recognize the signs. Each type of woman below will be accompanied by a personal story and a conversion rating out of 10, showing how likely you are to consummate things on the first night with her. Reasons She Stopped Having Sex 1- The Cougar I had a photo shoot to do in a company's corporate head office one day, and couldn't help noticing one of the cuter secretaries. About 36, she had long dyed-blonde hair, bright red lipstick and wore fairly tight pants, which she was working as she frequently left and returned to her nearby desk.

Perhaps saying that she was trying very hard to get me to notice her would be more accurate. Anyway, between shooting sessions I saw her leaving for the elevators to take a smoke break, so I joined her. We had a very enjoyable cigarette and chat full of innuendo and smiles and after those five minutes, I was quite certain that she'd agree to join me for drinks when I asked her toward the end of the day. From there, things were very straightforward and pleasurable. Who is the Cougar? The name says it all. A Cougar is an older woman who may have previously been married.

She may or may not be well to do, but she definitely appreciates money. She goes out to pick up men.

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