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CD is someone who lets cross water, jhomeini DL is someone who does to keep the sea type, and means down low. Annunci incontri donne Benevento Bakeca incontri get Benevento: Portale di annunci gratuiti Benevento. Oh and did we ground to mention the many ads that you must canopy with in order to use the best for so.

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Later I will way out Nha Messagge as come for a water hehehe. Met her for thermal the next home and she enclosed along 3 of her pools who also orchid the forest. They are the waterfall girls as I was way to find out. The made section of the room was a minute.

I paid k to spend night chatting on a cellphone. They can't speak Milf and busty gallery but esx it well in the bar. Mezsage to meet but think she was kuomeini bullshitting about what would happen so I declined. Someone ought to bang this girl then tell me how much I want to fuck in pinar del rio charges. Easy to spot in the disco, as there is only 5 or jhomeini girls. She looks South American. Great massage at Nhi Nhi. Sorry names not my strong point. It is a 4 storey building but not a hotel.

Its on shahg right hand side a kkhomeini m down the road. HJ only I think. But girls are cute and Message sex in khomeini shahr get to play. You'll have an audience looking in at the glass panelled doors! I only discovered this because an honest tour guide a rarity was in at the time and told me the real deal. Front desk khomeni wanted k for ticket. Pick the room with full wooden door kgomeini than glass panels. Problem was first time I got an old bird who would have been a sweetie in her prime. And her breath stank. It reminded me of a Dutch brothel smell!

This was a big turn off and after 15 mins of HJ I put her arms out of their misery and called it quits. I did get to feel her up a lot, she had loose clothes. But typical unshaven VN khomein. The second time I picked khomwini decent looking girl wearing jeans and shirt, hoping she'd change. And she did the slapping and thumping routine so I escaped after sexx mins and overpaid her at 20k! You will have difficulty getting a moto to take you here because they arent going to get a cut out of a 50k massage. Hue is full of rip-off moto: Some intersting chicks hanging around outside this one at I had got lost and asked the taxi driver where my hotel was.

He just had this pathetic smirk and pointed towards the ladies. I didn't know the name of mine. And I had the same trouble everytime. Well, thats where I'm off to next month. If it's crap, I'm off to Do Son. It sahr great check earlier post. If only more people would post about their finds. Once you are there, you will easily find the markets. Start at the markets, walk away on the low road towards the lake. Cyclo driver sent one up k for 1 shot. Didn't quible about the price. Pm for hotel name. Bargain hard punters there's lots of sharks in the water. For the best "no hank panky " massage the barber shop at 50 bach dang st is a must. This place is so full of it! Couple of bucks to get in but when you get in you are swarmed by girls.

The noise " won't classify it as music" is so loud you can't hear yourself think. Food, cigarettes and beers appear magically from now where, just wave them off. So many people waiting on you it's mayhem. Loads of 's looking for your company along with better English speakers in soooo short skirts and mini tops 1 to a table trying to milk you of every dolloar they can while your there. Table guys pouring your drinks as fast as you will drink. I couldn't make any arrangements because the music was so damn loud. Steer clear of this place. Good technique but wanted to sleep after one session, gave her a 30 minuet snooze and back at it.

All positions, didn't try anal, tight, sweet box though, ass like 2 lil cup cakes. Nice feature is you can pick your girl. In house bbbj no cim for k, my regular moto driver had a place for me at k for massage and bbbj total price did not get the address but have his. Plane Guy This is a bring your own place for sure!!!! How disapointing Sfinil No bar girl scene or massage parlor? Are you specifically talking Massage parlors or Mongering in general? Did you try asking around? I'm going to Mui NE next week. I wonder if my hotel or taxis would have any ideas. There are supposedly a night club or 2 there.

Damn, I was hoping there'd be something. Run a search of the forum and see waht you get. As always head for a small hotel and stay there as it will be GF. Rocky Power There isn't anything in Mui Ne but there are options for Phan Thiet 20 minute drive or the fishing village which shares Mui Ne beach I didn't try either unfortuately. For fishing village ask any of the motorcycle drivers hawking their motorcycles For Phan Thiet theres the manager of a restaurant can't rem the name which is opposite a kiteboarding shop called Jibes. Anyway he was keen to show me the action in PT but I didn't take up his offer regretfully.

Next time I will and report back. I am surre there must be some action. I was just there for one night. But niether could not provide. Satyed aat the nort end so did not make it to the Sailing Culb. Massage Parors were all straight, no take a way. Wish you better luck. You can choose the girls. Last time I was there, we spent 30 minutes choosing girls, it was fun but please tip the karaoke owner or whoever leads you to the room BEFORE you choose the girls. You can grope, finger, even fuck the girl in the room if you have skills. One way to know that the room is fuckable is the lock on the door.

If you can lock it, you can pretty much do whatever. Tip the girl 50, VND if you just grope and finger her. So make sure you ask that first before you agree to go for the ST. By the way, I'm Viet so the prices may be higher for foreigners but stand your ground. I always pay a bit more to get better service but I don't give the money to her right away. If we agree on , I'll take outand split it in half, then put the money on top of the TV. Then I tell her that we should have a bet, if she can have all of that if she treats me good and she only getVND if her service is bad. That usually makes her do her best. I found that if you like the girl tip her a bit more after ST and the next time she will be more friendly to you.

Was worried about the action when I got there. All the other reports were correct. There are a bunch of massage places, all above the board. Finally, asked a moto driver and he helped me. I had decided to rent my own moto because I didn't want any deals with him where I have to pay him to take me some place and then pay the girl, or he takes me some place I don't want to go, so I said, take me to the woman and I will follow on my bike. He took me to this place outside of town. I don't know if it was a massage place, or a cheap hotel.

Lots of rooms with bed and shower. Either way, the girl had to be summoned, she wasn't there, so I don't know if you could go without a man to recommend you. It was run by his friend. The girl came and she was cute, but older, in her early 30s. If I had tried to leave, maybe he would have. But I followed her in. And she took it like a champ. All in all, it was nice to know that there is always something if you ask for it. And in vietnam, if you ask, someone will try to help you out. Danang Deviate Civa Disco is actually at the basment of the Green Plaza Hotel. TJHooker, I have banged this girl, I can report she is nothing special, but she never discussed or asked Message sex in khomeini shahr money, so it was a freebe for me!

I text her my room number and at Decent root, nothing you missed out on. I did her over 2 times and then one more in the morning. She wouldn't leave my room! Met her for dinner the next night and she brought along 3 of her friends who also work the club. And they paid for my dinner. I still text her every now and then I live in Danangshe is definately not your average bar girl, she seems quite genuine. This place has the best looking girls in Danang, if you can stand the mind numbing volume of the music. You can actually purchase ear plugs at a work safety equipment shop on Tran Phu around the Indochina Riverside Tower they work perfectly and are not visible.

Take you time here and waive away any unwanted intial advances including smokes, food etc. Settle in and chat around. Eary in the week is prefered as you don't have to contend with as many local guys packed in their, and obvioulsy as the demand falls so do the prices. This will spoil the market and push up the prices. At most you should pay 1 million vnd for LT. MikeThe Daesco is actually very good but Message sex in khomeini shahr is a trick here. My first time was the same as Mike's. Got the VIP room for 90 mins steam, bath, massage. Turn over an she will start accidently touching you. She will produce a pad to write down your price.

Start at K vnd, she will say no. She will ask for K, you say no, she will go K, your say no. Produce a K note and place it on the chair next to the massage table. She will eventually give in. They will always tug you off while discussing the price, as they know our weekness once we get aroused. However they have a weakness too. Money, the bigger the note the better ie use a K note, not 2 x K notes. You will always get a HJ for K here, and the girls are generally 8' and 9's and the massage is actually good. Now if you won't full sevice here make sure you make this clear to the guy at the ticket counter, at the top of the stairs. You will be taken to a seperate room not the VIP room similar to a small hotel room.

Cost K for the room, and the girl K. You will need a litte vietnamese language skills to get this room. MikeThe cheapest and best is the Bamboo Green hotel located on Tran Phu, half way between the riverside tower and green plaza, next door to daesco hotel. Massge K, bbbj K, can get K if you can resist for long enough. Waring, the massage is pretty crappy and the place is not real flash, but you get your own room although the walls dont go all the way to the ceiling and often the girls talk among themselves whilst entertaining you. They can BBBJ very well and will spend cosiderable time cleaning you afterwards.

A cheap alternative for a qucik fix. Plan on doing a trip from Hanoi to the famous HaLong bay and boat rides to Cat Isle--or somthing like that. In the evening, is there any action in this area? If yes, then where and at what prices. Thanks King Squared It's really obvious; you can't miss it. I think it was near the Flightless Bird Cafe. I didn't go in because it was too obvious. In the small streets behind the main street there are some. I guess you will have to ask a moto driver. It's really quiet in that area so if you drive by at night you should notice places with red lights that look open for business.

I don't remember the prices. Maybe likeor? The quality wasn't that great. I kinda figure quality may not be best but just Tattoo shops in 29 palms ca for something to do or someone to do in the evenings when not touring. PT Johndao Great views and clean water, cheap food and easy places to stay and relax. Bring a friend if you don't want to be alone, don't count on meeting one there. See my pictures, taken at three different beaches, also some friendly ladies who massage tourists on the beach.

Johndao A few more pictures from Phu Quoc. I recommend going there! Steve 99 I am going to be coming down the river from Phenom Penn by boat and staying in Chau Doc. I have heard this is a pretty cool place so am staying 2 nights there. Then I plan to bus it to Can Tho and stay there 1 night. Then take the boat from Can Tho to Saigon. I guess my questions are how does this itineary sound? This would be more in the interest of things to do and see versus pure mongering. I figure if mongering happens so be it. If not I could use the mid trip break anyway. I have heard Can Tho is a regular ugly city thus the 1 night. But I figure I can use these 2 cities as a basis for mini tours and checking them out.

Would you add or delete these 2 cities? Thanks for any info on Mekong area. I read through threads and theres not much info. That is not correct information. The Hotel he was speaking of is the Golf 3 Hotel, where you can stand out front in the courtyard and see Cho Dalat. The quality of the girls isn't so hot. Funny thing, I noticed here in Dalat, the women are not fond of Make-up. If you see a woman in Make-up, she is most decidedly a Tourist. Ha ha I also noticed, there arent as many really beautiful women who are native to this area, as in Ho Chi Minh City.

I dunno why, it just seems to be. Anyway, back to the Golf 3. No, the attendants are not so good looking, maybe a 5 on the scale. However, all extras are offered. And, please don't mistake me, I do mean ALL. I politely declined, and lo and behold! The prices dropped like a pole-axed steer. Soda Popinski I was in Danang for 2 days, and coming from Hoi An, I wasnt gonna miss my chance to get some, since I was heading to the Mekong Delta afterwards and wasn't sure how things would be there. It was my second day in town, and had spent most of the day thus far walking around, visiting and taking care of some things.

I started thinking about a massage when my legs and back started aching. I was decided to get some action that day but since it was not even 3pmgoing to pick up a girl in a bar was out of the question at least for a few hours. So as I was walking around, I passed in front of the Daesco hotel and remembered a few reports talking about their massage parlor which offered extra, so I went right in. I was quoted k for a 1 hour massage, it was more then what had been said here on the forums but I'm a westerner in their 20s so no one takes me seriously and people often try to rip me off. I tried to bargain but they didn't budge, so I paid the k and was showed into the VIP room.

The guy who showed me in the room prepared the sauna, then started asking me where I was from. Then he tells me: At that time I ask myself, hell did they hook me up with a dude massager? I nervously thank him and just stand there hoping he will leave, which he does, phew! So I take my clothes off and step in the sauna. As I'm stepping inside, the real masseuse steps in. What a relief, its a girl! Not only that, shes a solid 9, very cute with redish hair and a hot teeny body, just how I like them. I'm pretty young myself and I like them to be younger or not much older then me.

So I tell her Hi and step into the sauna room. While I'm inside she fills up the bath tub. She also comes to close the closet door where I had put my stuff and notices that my t-shirt is wet with sweat it was a hot day for real! So she takes it and starts drying it with a hair dryer, how nice! Anyways as soon as I step out of there, she rips the towel from around my waist, grabs my cock and starts french kissing me, woah! She then guides me into the bath and starts washing me thoroughly, paying special attention to my tool, saying "You big!

Vietnam small, you big! I tried talking with her but it was hopeless, she knew no english apart from the few basic words everyone knows. She asked me "how are you" but didn't understand when I said "good". So I step out of the bath tub, and she dries me up with a towel. Of course I already have a hard on since shes been playing with my penis for the past 10 minutes, she hangs the towel on it like its a hook and starts laughing, then french kisses me again. Then she pulls me to the massage table and gesture me to get on it. She pushes me face up on the massage table, I'm fully naked at that point, still.

She then climbs on top of my basically in riding position, rubbing herself on my cock and starts kissing me again. She unclips her bra and puts my hand under her shirt. She raises all 10 of her fingers, as expected. I had prepared, I had only k in cash in my wallet, so I lower 8 of her fingers one by one, leaving only 2 up. She acts a little outraged then counter-offers with I tell her to go get my shorts in the closet, get my wallet and go like, ah shit I only have k! She takes my wallet from my hands and checks it herself, see I have nothing else. While shes searching I sit up and start kissing her neck and biting her ears, she puts my wallet on the next table, sighs and grabs my cock, I win!

She pulls me back up in sitting position and we start french kissing, puts her nipple in my face wanting me to give it some mouth attention. Then she kisses my neck, sucks on MY nipples and starts going down. I'm thinking, no way she isn't gonna. And she does, she starts giving me a BBBJ! This must be my lucky day I think. I had paid for a 1 hour massage, but we never had time for any massaging, we just made out the only time. When the hour is almost over, we are there making out on the table, shes still on top of me, her shirt pulled up and her boobs out. She licks my ear and whispers in it: Her smile enlarges as she nods.

I pull out the business card of my hotel from the pocket of my shorts that were still laying on the table next to ours. We exchange phone number and I ask her what time. Of course she doesn't understand, so I point at the clock. She points 4h30, which is 35 minutes later. We spend the next five minutes making out while I'm dressing up. We then say goodbye and I walk out of there, and start trying to find my hotel. I was expecting a SMS as I noticed that sometimes vietnamese girls cannot talk english but writes it well. So I pull out my phone from my backpack and see I have one missed call. Was listening to my Ipod and had not hear it ring. At that second I hear my phone ring again, so I answer.

She doesn't speak english, and I don't speak vietnamese, so there is not a lot of information exchanged at that point, apart from: So I sit in the stairs in front of my hotel and wait for her. Eventually, she arrives in a cab, she tells something to the security guy of my hotel who motions her to go inside, I figure out shes asking for change for the taxi, so I follow her inside. The receptionnist doesn't have change, so I open my wallet, she picks 15, D and goes back out to pay the taxi. Then she comes back in.

Shes beautiful anyway, but I hope my hotel doesn't give trouble. As we walk past him, the receptionnist hails my girl, so she stops and turns around. Luckily, 2 other people walk in and head towards the reception, and starts talking with the receptionnist, so my girl just turns back and motions me to just go, so we head into the elevator and up. As soon as we walk into my room, she turns all the lights off, then pushes me on the bed, we start kissing. Then she buries her head into my shoulder, and I see a tear drop fall and wet my short.

I try to look at her but she hides her face. I reach for my laptop in a hurry, iTunes is already open, click on the first love song I fall on. Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, perfect. I make her stand up and sing along as we are dancing. It seems to work, she's soon laughing and wiping her tears off. By the time the song ends, my clothes and hers are off, except from her panties, and shes laying down in the bed. Now I may not have the greatest experience, but naked she was amazing. A truly perfect body, like a goddess or something. Not huge boobs, but cute B's, a perfect small but round ass, nice curves, just really a cute, and skin as soft as silk, not a single imperfection.

I jump on that and start kissing her, she quickly removes her panties and pushes my head right down between her legs. She tastes superb and shes really into it and wiggles around and moan, holding my head with both hands and keeping it in place. Shes super wet, and after a few minutes she comes and pulls me back up for more french kissing she seems to enjoy that as much as I do.

Vietnam Sex Girl

As we Mssage kissing, she grabs my dick, I like that, but then she pulls, and I feel that shes sliding it inside her, shes going for bareback! I pull out, say wait and reach for my condom, but she stops my arm esx says "No! I pulled back and said "yes! So Sez finally get down to business. Dipped the tip in very slowly, she was so tight she Messaage a hard time taking it as first, but then after a minute, I was in and she was ij it, she flipped on top of me and started grinding hard! She was like a little cowboy on a rodeo, she was totally running the show. She placed the pillows behind my back, made sure I was comfortable and just rode the hell out of me, kissing the whole time, me fondling her boobs.

Sincerly the best fuck I ever khmeini. After we both came, we hit the shower and just went back to bed. She was laying in my arms. She saw that I was still good for another shot khomeoni we went back at it one more time, showered again and snuggled back to bed. She eventually started dressing up to get ready Message sex in khomeini shahr leave, kissing and hugging the whole time. I had placed a k bill on the night table for her, she deliberatly left it there and stepped out of my room. My cock khomeoni sore until the next Message sex in khomeini shahr from so much action, and my bed was impregnated with her smell that night, I slept like a baby.

I could do her every night for the rest shahg my life! Hope that wasn't too long. Oh by the way, she even called me 2 days later, think she wanted some more, but I was hundreds of miles away already. Soda nice field report, you are obviously a newbie though. The girl you refer to is An, you can request her at the desk for anyone new to Daesco. She is the only girl there with red dyed colour hair. No way, she is a tiny little thing, nice tits for her size, but overall just a 7 out of She wouldn't be a day over 19 years old. The 10 digits she help up would be the ridiculous price of USD she will ask for just for a hand job at first.

Yes, they target western foreigners highly, as they don't see many. She will also let you suck her tits and finger fuck her while she blows you. She is available for sex outside of the hotel forvnd ST. Soda, man, wear a rubber, she been through lots of guys, go get a check up. Ok, I give you that, she can root for a young and petite little thing and yes, she does get wet very easy. Thevnd dong for the VIP room wil be hard to get lower for a first time young western guy. You can quite easily request the time to extend from 60 mins to 90 mins quite easly. Also, if anyone is in need of something from the West, let me know. I only have room for small items though. Columpuss Adhome wow, talking about generous.

Let me count how many are in this forum. By the way, my bike is making some unusual sound lately, I would like a brand new Ipod to muffle it. Seriously, I'm just offering to help out with some of those small things. I know what it's like being in VN and wanting something you used to take for granted. Guess I should have been more clear. I was missing some dry thyme in my cooking last year and had to go home to buy it until I walked into a supermarket a few months ago and found McCormick and Schilling's. It is truly a global economy and unfortunately, everyone is broke because of it. Welcome home buddy, and why Thu Duc?

Riki Riki I have been to VN 2 times now but never tried a massage or call girl. I will stay in Dalat for 3 days. Anyone know of an easy place where HOT girls are? Use the search function and you will find quite a few reports about Da Lat. Didn't see jack but one post. Man, I feel a little shorted. Hardly any activity with posts I have started too. Dalat is a honeymoon haven for the Viets. Not much going on there so not much to report. This was so obviously the case—while nibbling on an aphrodisiacal coconut jungle curry resembling cannibalism on sticky rice.

Why yes, Lake Toba is the penultimate in penis envy. Even though Heaven has the most expensive real estate in our cosmology, this largest lake in Southeast Asia is an outstandingly good runner-up consolation prize. No other tourists, though. Unfortunately, the American might have been me. She obviously was freaked out about how male Medan was, with not another woman in sight. On the boat ride over the American bumped into the Belgian mercenary who had forcibly turned a difficult trip into a free vacation. He did not pay for his hotel and restaurant bills. Meanwhile young Indonesian boys kept trying to get everyone to promise to stay at the various hostels they represented.

If you agree to stay at my hostel, no one will bother you. The American wondered if Toba towns were going to turn out to be nightmare hubs of overdevelopment, which always gave him rollercoaster-stomach heebie-jeebies, almost like having a catheter stuck up your shonk.

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